The Baja Peninsula stretches southwards for almost 800 miles from the United States border. It offers almost twice that much coastline as the Pacific Ocean borders it to the west and the Sea of Cortez to the east. It’s no small wonder that Baja is a popular place for motorcycling as very few places in the world offer such gorgeous roadside views. Whether you’re an experienced rider who is comfortable riding alone or a first-timer who wants to join a tour group, Baja Mexico is more than ready to provide you with an awesome time aboard your two-wheeled machine.


Part of the appeal of motorcycling in Baja is that there are just so many interesting places to stop. For one thing, the seemingly endless coastline hides numerous beaches, coves, and unnamed fishing villages. It’s possible to find stretches of coast that are completely devoid of other people if that’s what makes you tick. Many motorcycle riders even like to bring their fishing poles and camping gear along when they visit Baja so that they can break their day into short jaunts on the road and really make the most out of their trips.


Riders that are looking for a full-fledged adventure might even choose to ride around the whole of the Baja Peninsula on their motorcycles. If this sounds like something you might want to do, you need to be sure to have plenty of experience. Even the quickest and most experienced riders take several weeks to circumnavigate Baja.


Most people choose to just motorcycle down part of the peninsula instead of the whole thing. One of the most popular routes to take is to cross the border at San Diego and take the main road through Tijuana. You can head down as far south as you’d like, stopping whenever you please along the way. When you’re tired or your time runs out, you can simply turn around, take the main highway back up the coast, pass once again through Tijuana, and make your way across the border. It can be a very simple, relaxing, and entertaining trip.


If you don’t have your own motorcycle, you’re still in luck – there are several bike rentals and tour groups available in Baja Mexico. If you know a thing or two about bikes but you just don’t have your own, then renting a motorcycle for a week or two is a fun way to see the country from the seat. If you’re a true beginner but are enticed by the idea of two-wheel fun, there are any number of motorcycle tour groups to choose from. Several of them even leave from the United States, particularly San Diego, so you don’t have to travel all the way to Mexico just to get set up with a group.


Motorcycling in Baja Mexico is an once-in-a-lifetime activity – but why leave it at that? It’s so close to the United States and can be so affordable that you’d be silly not to head back for seconds.