Estero Beach

Estero Beach

Playa Estero, known to many simply as Estero Beach, is a tranquil stretch of coast in Ensenada. While all of this Baja California city’s beaches are regarded as beautiful, Estero Beach is particularly revered for its more tranquil atmosphere. Associated with the renowned resort of the same name located there, the beach is celebrated for its natural beauty. While surfing and its crowds are more readily found at other Ensenada beaches, Estero attracts sunbathers, horseback riders, and beachcombers for an altogether more relaxing atmosphere.

The Baja City of Ensenada is located in northwest Mexico on the Pacific Coast. Its position on the Baja Peninsula has made it one of the country’s most popular vacation destinations. While the city is famed for its resorts and beautiful hotels, it is also popular for its commitment to protecting the natural beauty of its beaches for all to enjoy. For this reason, the beachfront is less developed than other locations. Its popularity among holiday seekers has transformed the city into Mexico’s quintessential cruise ship port. The waters off the coast of Ensenada are home to sport fish and islands that also attract a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts.

Estero Beach Ensenada

Estero Beach in Ensenada

Beach Attractions
Because Estero Beach is known for its pristine air and natural enchantments, it welcomes many visitors who come for a relaxing beach holiday. Swimming and snorkeling are popular activities as is sea kayaking. While few surfers favor Playa Estero’s mostly serene atmosphere, some make their way to this stretch when the best waves beckon. Lounging on the beach and soaking up the Mexican sunshine are also favorite Estero activities. Many visitors favor this beach for horseback rides and hiking. Since the reef waters are celebrated for their wildlife like seals, sea lions, and dolphins, scuba diving is also a must-do activity when planning an Estero Beach vacation.

Attractions Surrounding Estero Beach
Estero Beach Hotel and Spa

one of the beach’s most popular destinations. From its swim-up bar to its ballroom, this sumptuous accommodation features two swimming pools and comfortable rooms with extraordinary views. Popular for wedding celebrations and holiday getaways, the Estero Beach Hotel is one of Ensenada’s favorite resort locations.

Estero Beach Resort in Ensenada in the State of Baja

View from Estero Beach Resort in Ensenada

Ensenada Regional History Museum: Once a military garrison that once housed the city jail in the nineteenth century, this museum boasts many regional artifacts of Native American origin. Its archaeological collections include relics from the Cucapa, Kumiai, and Kiliwa tribes.

La Bufadora: This marine geyser is an attraction located near Estero Beach. One of the continent’s largest blowholes, La Bufadora is known to shoot up

La Bufadora in Ensenada, Baja

La Bufadora

more than 100 feet of spray above the surface of the sea. The drive to view this natural phenomenon is along sea swept cliffs paired with incredible vistas.


See the Whales: Estero Beach is a great location to charter your boat for a day or afternoon of whale watching. Many of the area hotels are happy to help guests locate charter tours and vessels that specialize in whale watches.

Eco-Adventures: As a less developed area of Ensenada, Estero Beach is the perfect place for exploring the scenic attractions of Baja California’s coast. Bird-watching tours as well as visiting the nearby groups of sea lions are popular eco-activities.

Sports: Golf is a popular activity among visitors to Estero Beach. Golf lessons can even be found in the area. Volleyball matches are regular sites on Estero Beach. Some hotels and public areas also boast tennis courts. Sports are an important part of Ensenada life.

More to See and Do in the Wider Ensenada Region
Sport Fishing: From dorado to yellowtail, Ensenada’s waters contain some of the most coveted sport fish on the planet. Many people plan their entire vacation around Ensenada’s sport fishing excitement.

Regional Cuisine: Fresh seafood is part of the Ensenada way of life. From delectable lobster dishes to fish tacos, the cuisine of coastal Baja California pairs indigenous and Spanish influences to form a celebrated gastronomy that also boasts global influences from around the world. Check out some local cafes and restaurants for a traditional taste of Ensenada’s most delicious flavors.

Nightlife: Ensenada is well-known for its nightlife and evening entertainments. Vibrant clubs are filled with music and cocktails. The city’s hotels also boast entertainments like music and dance performances.


La Bufadora in Ensenada, Baja

La Bufadora in Ensenada, Baja

Off-Roading Events: Internationally famous races like the Baja 500 are a dramatic part of Ensenada’s year. People flock to Ensenada for off-roading events to both participate in the wild drives or simply to watch.