Plan your Baja Surfing Trip

Are you headed to Baja Mexico for a surfing trip? Lucky you! It’s a wonderful place to spend a few days with your surfboard. It is an area that is filled with beautiful beaches, perfect waves, and friendly locals. However, like with any trip, there is packing involved – oh, that dreaded packing! Luckily though, packing for a Baja surfing trip doesn’t have to be a hassle.

There are three main areas to take into account when packing for your Baja surfing trip. They are travel essentials, surfing equipment, and other gear. It is also wise to note that you should try and pack light when you’re traveling to Baja. If you’re like a lot of other surfers, then you’ll want to experience a wide variety of surf spots. It is easy to do that when you aren’t lugging around a ton of stuff!

Travel Essentials

Surfing Equipment

Other Gear

It is very simple to pack for a surfing trip to the Baja Peninsula. The above lists and tips should give you a good idea of what to bring along for an enjoyable trip. Try to pack light, make sure that you don’t forget the essentials, and have one heck of a time!